Hosting a Walldog

    A group of about 150 sign and mural painters, known as the Walldogs, will be visiting Shipshewana to paint 15 murals June 18-21, 2014. Some artists will spend the event camping, some will stay in hotels, and the rest are in need of a home. This is where we need you to host an artist in your home or even an RV while they paint Shipshewana and celebrate their 21st year.


    Many of the artists have had the pleasure of staying with a host family in the past and truly enjoyed their experience doing so. They are very appreciative of their host family for opening their homes to them during this event.


    While socializing and getting to know your guest is a plus, the main purpose for the artists is to paint a mural for the town of Shipshewana in four days. This means the artist may come in late (some after midnight) and depart early in the morning, not spending much time with their host. Each host family is encouraged to become active in the event. Other considerations to keep in mind are that the work the artists do is physically demanding, especially in the heat. Quiet downtime is greatly welcomed after a day of painting in the sun.


    Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner and snack is provided by the Walldogs Food Committee, however the artists may have some beverages of their own that will need to be stored in a refrigerator. It is also requested that each home have air conditioning due to the possible heat that will take place during the event.

For more information, please contact:

Judy Yoder, Lotions and Potions • 260-768-7799


After you fill out the form below, Judy will be contacting you to match you up with an artist.


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